How to Set Up 2 Step Verification for Your Hotmail Account

In order to protect yourself from a theft of your password, Microsoft provided you with an option of turning on the two-step verification system. Simply put, it allows you to make sure that there is a very slight chance of stealing your account or log in from another device without your authorization.

The two-step verification works the following way: whenever you enter your email on another device than you usually get to use, Hotmail sends you a special code that you have to type in. The code is sent on another email address of yours, on your phone as an SMS message, or in the Authenticator app, which was created by Google. The guide below will show you how to set up the two-step verification.

  1. Enter the Hotmail website by typing its address in the browser or choosing it in the MSN services.

  2. Enter your account by typing in your data and clicking on the "Sign In" button.

  3. After you have entered your email account, click on your profile photo (if there is any) in the up-right corner and choose "View account." After that, enter in the section of Security & privacy settings.

  4. There, find the part called "Two-step verification" and click on the "Set up two-step verification" button, colored in blue.

  5. Prior to setting up the two-step verification, the system will show a set of steps that you need to do in order to set up this method of verification. Read it and click on the "Next" button.

  6. Make up your mind regarding how you prefer to get the code: via email, on your phone, or through the app. After having it done, specify the respective way of getting the code. After that, specify either what an operating system you have on your phone, or what your email address is, or what your phone number is.

  7. You will have to enter the password from your account once again and that is it! Now you have the two-step verification on. You can turn it on in the same security section.

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