How to Delegate by Granting Access to Your Hotmail Account

It happens sometimes that for the job or study purposes you need to grant access to your Hotmail account to another person. Unlike other email service providers, however, it is quite troublesome to do since it requires not just Microsoft Outlook. Both of you (you and the person to whom you delegate access over your email) should use the same version of Microsoft Outlook and, more importantly, have the account of Microsoft Exchange Server. Without it, you will not even see the "Delegate" button in Microsoft Outlook.

Delegating access means not just letting someone to review your letters, but also allowing the delegate to answer to your letters, see the calendar, your contacts, etc. As it was mentioned, you need to be a user of Microsoft Exchange Server. If you are a user of it, then follow this procedure to delegate access to your email account:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer. Keep in mind that you and your delegate should use the same version of Microsoft Outlook.

  2. Give a click on the File icon.

  3. In the "Account Settings", choose "Delegate Access."

  4. Following it, give a click to the "Add" button. If it did not appear, then there might be a problem with the connection between Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook. Attempt to solve it and then continue.

  5. Choose the person whom you want to delegate access to the account. This person, as it was previously said, should be included in the GAL – Exchange Global Address List.

  6. Then, you have to click on the "Add" and "OK" buttons.

  7. Following it, set what kind of permission you want to give to the delegate in the dialogue box of "Delegate Permissions." It is important to not give more rights than it is actually needed.

  8. You can make an automatically generated message sent to the delegate by placing a tick near the respective line. Also, you can place a tick near the "Delegate can see my private items" line, which, however, will affect all the folders.

  9. The procedure is completed and all what is left to do is to click on the "OK" button. That's all. Access to your account is delegated now.

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