How to Connect Multiple Hotmail Accounts to Receive All Emails in a Primary Hotmail

If you have several accounts on Hotmail and both of them you have to use (for instance, one account is private and one is used for the job), then you may have pondered about how to manage them effectively. Previously, many users took advantage of the possibility to link accounts and thus easily manage them. However, Microsoft created Hotmail Aliases in 2013.

It works in a way different, since you are able to consolidate your email accounts. I.e. it works the same way as linked accounts, but now you have to use only one login and password, which makes such emails an easy target for hacking. For the sake of convenience, however, many people still tend to use aliases as an effective way how to manage Hotmail accounts effectively. The step-by-step guide below will disclose how to set up Outlook Aliases.

  1. At first, enter the service's website by typing its link in your browser:

  2. Sign in by typing the name and password of your account in.

  3. Continue to the Hotmail Login Page

  4. In the up-right corner of your browser, click on the icon of settings. Following it, click on the last button named "Options."

  5. In the window placed on the left side of your screen, the Mail settings will be opened by default. You have to go Accounts > Connected accounts.

  6. Here, you can connect other email addresses (like those of Gmail and other email service providers) to your account. However, you will see "Email aliases" in the bottom part. Click on the "Manage or choose a primary alias" text colored in blue.

  7. Enter your password once again. In the new window, click on the "Add email" button under Account alias.

  8. Add the existing email as your alias or create a new account right there. Click on the "Add alias" button.

  9. The procedure is completed. Now, the new alias will be shown in "Account alias". You can make it a primary alias, too. Enjoy the simple management of your emails!

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