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How to Add Trusted Senders to Your Hotmail

No one wants to miss a worthy email which accidentally got into the spam folder. Yet, sometimes it happens, and it does not simply change with the change of email service provider. In order to prevent some accidents, there is a possibility to enable the function of trusted senders, which means that emails from certain email addresses will not be missed for sure. What is more important, this function is quite easy to switch on in Hotmail. Just follow the guide provided below.

  1. Enter the Hotmail service by placing the link of it (www.outlook.com/) into the address line of your browser or choose Outlook in Microsoft's MSN.

  2. Type your login and password in and sign into the system.

  3. In the up-right corner of the screen, find the icon of gear next to the bell icon. Click on it. In the pop-up window that has just opened, click on the last button: "Options."

  4. After doing so, you will see a large menu opened on the left side of the browser. The "Mail" section is opened by default; that is exactly what was needed. Thereafter, you have to go Junk email > Safe senders.

  5. There will be opened a list of your trusted senders. Since you got to use this function the first time, there is no single trusted sender (as it is shown in the screenshot). In the first line, specify the email address of your trusted sender. Then, click on the "plus" button. Do so with every trusted sender of yours.

  6. After you have included all the trusted senders you had to, click on the "Save" button in the upper part of the screen. The system will take several seconds to save the information and that's all! Now letters from the specified customers will not get into the trash bin.

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