How to Create Hotmail Filter to Block and Email

In order to make the experience of using Hotmail service to be most convenient and least disturbing, many users take advantage of the service's filter of spam and block. Naturally, there is an automatic anti-spam system, which, however, in many cases is not so much effective and sometimes sends important letters to the dustbin. That is the reason why many users strive to improve how the system functions by changing the settings. Here is the guide of how to make the system's filter function the best possible way.

  1. Enter the website of Hotmail ( in your browser.

  2. Type the data in and sign in to Hotmail service.

  3. Once again, you have to enter Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the up-right corner of the browser. Following it, choose the "Options" button, which is the last in the pop-up window.

  4. In the opened menu, you will have to operate in the "Mail" section. At first, go to Junk email > Filter and reporting. In that window, choose how strong should the spam filter be, whether you want to report junk emails or not, and whether you want to block content from the senders you do not know. After getting it done, click on "Save."

  5. Now it is the time to resort to more advanced settings. In the same menu, go to Automatic processing > Inbox and sweep rules. You will get opened the page where you can add certain rules, which will always be performed.

  6. Under the "Inbox rules" title, click on the "plus" button, name the rule, specify what it should do, and specify exceptions from the rule. After you have got it done, click on the "OK" button. Repeat so with other rules.

  7. After all have created all the rules you need it, get to the page with the list of your rules and click on the "Save" button in the upper part of the screen. Now your rules will work and make the use of Hotmail much more convenient.

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