How to Organize Your Hotmail with Multiple Inboxes

It is crucially important for many users to be able to manage multiple Hotmail inboxes quickly and effectively. Thanks to the system of Hotmail Aliases which Microsoft introduced in 2013, it became much easier to manage multiple inboxes (and not only Hotmail).

Another good option may be email forwarding, which Hotmail offers solely to verified users (i.e. you need to provide your mobile number). After all, there is still an option of connected accounts that allows you to read messages from other email accounts in your Hotmail inbox.

Hotmail Aliases

  1. In the first place, consider the use of Hotmail aliases. Enter the website of Hotmail service.

  2. Sign in with the help of the name and password of your Hotmail account.

  3. Following it, find in the up-right corner the gear icon of the Settings menu. Click on it. In the pop-up menu, click on "Options."

  4. In the large menu opened leftside, go to Accounts > Connected Accounts.

  5. In the bottom, click on the blue text beneath the "Email aliases" title.

  6. You have just entered the menu of aliases. Click on the "Add email" button.

  7. You will be asked to enter the password once again. Do it. Then, you have either to specify the existing email you, or to create a new one. Click on the "Add alias" button then. Now you receive letters from both email addresses into one inbox.


  1. Go to the menu of Settings > Options, again.

  2. In the menu placed to the left side, give a double click on "Shortcuts."

  3. Click on "Forward email to another account."

  4. Place a tick near "Start forwarding." Specify the email account where you want to forward your letters. Place a tick near "Keep a copy of forwarded messages" if you want the letters to be saved in your account, too.

  5. Click on "Save." Now, the letters from your account will be forwarded to the specified email.

Connected Accounts

  1. Go to the menu of Settings > Options.

  2. In the opened menu, go to Mail > Accounts > Connected accounts.

  3. Depending on what is your other email account (i.e. its service provider), click on the "Gmail" or "Other email accounts" button beneath the "Add a connected account" title.

  4. In the opened window, enter the email address of the other account, its password, and choose whether you want to create new folders or import all the files into existing ones.

  5. Click "OK." Wait some time until the system will complete synchronization.

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